Unforgettable by Kelly Poe WilsonUnforgettable
A paranormal romance for readers 12 and older.

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The first thing that you, as a human, need to know about faeries and demons is this: everything you think you know is wrong.


At least, that’s what Peri Bel’Amo has always thought.

And she should know.

After all, with a demon for a father and a faerie for a mother, Peri knows a thing or two about both the Otherworld AND the Underworld.

Not that any of that knowledge does her any good once Jack, an emissary from the Faerie Court, shows up on her doorstep demanding that she accompany him back to Faerie. Because, as Peri soon finds out when she agrees to take this enigmatic faerie on a 1200 mile road trip through the backroads of America, everthing she thought she knew about faeries and demons was wrong as well.

Including, it would seem, their ability to love.

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